Over EPF European Polymer Congress 2025

EPF European Polymer Congress 2025

As the most significant European conference in the field of Polymer Science and Technology, the European Polymer Congress serves as the flagship event of the European Polymer Federation (EPF), a non-profit organization encompassing nearly all National Polymer Societies in Europe. Originating in 1986 with 16 European countries as founding members, EPF has since expanded to include 24 full members and 4 associate members. The European Polymer Congress, established in 2001, has evolved into a biennial congress of considerable scale, attracting an ever-growing and diverse participation.

Under the theme "Polymers for a Sustainable Future," EPF 2025 promises to be a landmark congress. It will bring together scientists engaged in macromolecular chemistry, polymer science, physics of polymers and polymer materials, modern polymer applications, polymer reaction engineering, rheology and polymer processing, polymer characterization methods, and more.

More information can be found on teh website of the congress.