DCS Mentoring program

Mentoring program for Young DCS members

The Dutch Catalysis Society would like to offer its young members the possibility to enroll in a mentoring program. The main objective of this program is to help and support young DCS members who are struggling to decide which professional pathway to take next or who are exploring different options to advance their careers.

To enable our mentorship program, we hope to be able to draw upon a diverse group of mentors from our membership base. The DCS is in a unique position here, in that our memberships consists of people trained and/or interested in catalysis, but branched out in a wealth of different positions and careers, from academia to industry and policy and many, many more. If we can call upon many of you, we can best help the next generation advancing.

As mentees we, of course, initially focus on our own younger membership base, but depending on the interest and availability of mentors, we might open this wider (like for example the NCCC community).

Joining the program as a mentee can give you opportunity to:

  • Learn to self-reflect
  • Be exposed to different perspectives
  • Be supported by someone
  • Learn from other’s experiences
  • Grow your personal network

Interested in participating in our program as a mentor or as a mentee? Please visit our website to complete the participant form.

For further information and questions regarding the mentoring program, please contact:


Dr. Ir. Hirsa Torres Galvis

Secretary Dutch Catalysis Society


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