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Join us for the inaugural Bridging Bonds Symposium 2024 on November 7th in Utrecht, where the worlds of soft matter and macromolecular chemistry intersect. Organized by the KNCV divisions Macromolecules and Soft Matter, this year's symposium will spotlight groundbreaking applications in soft robotics and hydrogels for biomedicine.


  • Engage with Leading Scholars: Explore the transformative potential of macromolecular soft materials through insightful sessions.
  • Innovative Sessions: Learn about advancements in hydrogel design for targeted drug delivery and tissue engineering, as well as the development of responsive soft robots.
  • Van Arkel Prize Ceremony: Celebrate an outstanding contribution to inorganic and physical chemistry during this prestigious ceremony.
  • Poster Session and Pitches: (PhD) students can showcase their research, with the best pitch winning €150.

Whether you are a student, researcher, or industry professional, this event promises to inspire and expand your horizons at the exciting intersection of soft matter and macromolecular chemistry.

Tickets are now available, offering access to a full day of illuminating discussions, networking opportunities, and enriching insights.

  • KNCV-, Macromolecules-, and Soft Matter-members: Free early bird tickets!
  • Non-members: €95

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a cutting-edge event in the field of chemistry. For more information and to register, visit our website.

Keynote: Prof. Katharina Landfester

For years, synthetic biology has aimed to create minimal cells for maximum efficiency in biotechnological processes. Prof. Landfester has developed "protocells" with giant polymersomes and nanocontainers for functions like energy production and transport control, and designed nanocapsules that can house enzymes or synthetic catalysts. For further details on Professor Landfester's presentation, click here!

Keynote: Prof. Costantino Creton

Soft matter exhibits dynamic, liquid-like behavior due to weak interactions, while macromolecules are strong along their backbones but have weak intermolecular interactions. Prof. Creton his work explores a combination of both by studying a covalently crosslinked hydrogel with metal coordination dynamic bonds, where divalent metals bond with imidazole groups in the polymer backbone. To learn more about Professor Creton's presentation, click here!

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