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NBC-19: registration is now open!

On Wednesday the 22nd of May 2019 the NBV organises the 19th edition of the Netherlands Biotechnology Congress (NBC-19). The theme will be 'The Sound of Biotech' and the venue will be the Akoesticum in Ede.

Currently, it is possible to:

More information and registration

Minisymposium Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Interested in the use of Singel Use Materials in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing? On 20 March there will be 3 lectures and a panel discussion, starting with a light meal at 18.00 in Amersfoort.

Lecturers from Halix, Synthon and Sartorius. Click here for more information and registration.

Organized by the DSP working party of NBV.


Application of CRISPR technologies in microbial biotechnology

CRISPR revolutionized genome engineering by enabling democratization of genome editing to a broad range of organisms including some resilient to genetic
modification. The workshop will tackle topics beyond the unprecedently accurate gene editing with the Streptococcus pyogenes Cas9, by also discussing emergence of new
CRISPR endonucleases, off-targeting and impact on the synthetic biology field.

More information and registration

Innovation for Health

As partner of Innovation for Health all NBV-members are offered a discount of € 50,- on the registration fee to participate in this premier conference on February 14th, 2019 in WTC Rotterdam.

Use this voucher code during registration: I4H1402NBV

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